Frequently Asked Questions

KJ Production House is a resource centre and we like to think that we can answer any of your questions quickly and efficiently. here are just a few questions answered. if you would like to meet with karen jakab from kj production house to aske more question, please call her on 0404 015 780 or email [email protected]


How do I start a fashion label?
It takes time, money and patience when starting your own fashion label. KJ Production House is a resource centre for you to come to and get the right advice before you start. To find out more about starting a fashion label and what is involved, please go to starting a fashion label

How much does it cost to start a label?
This of course varies and really depends on a host of variables such as styles, fabrics, accessories, quantity. Meet with us for a chat today.

Why should I choose Karen Jakab Production House?
We are experienced, knowledgable, you deal with the owner of the business Karen Jakab who is a production manager herself, we take pride in what we do and we only deal with professional patternmakers, cutters and makers.

Why should I use an outsourced Production Service to produce my garments?
It will firstly save you time, however more importantly, we will ensure that you don't make costly mistakes along the way. We have seen it time and time again where people try and do it on their own and get themselves into trouble financially and mess up the garment production process. They come back to us and we sort out the issues becaue we are experienced in doing so. Contact us today to find out more.

Is it easy to get a label to market?
No. We can guide you through the process and give you the knowledge and costs to make educated decisions about your designer label.

What is required from designers to put a quote together?
Simply put - drawings, sketches, photographs and more importantly a meeting with KJ Production House to discuss your requirements in more detail. That way we can understand your idea and put solutions together to make it happen.

What if I don't live in Sydney?
No problem at all. We deal with clients from other states and with Skype, email and mobile phones, we are only a phone call away.

Local manufacturing or Offshore manufacturing?
This question depends on many variables and there are pros and cons with both solutions. Many of our clients choose local resources for pattern making, sampling, cutting and manufacturing because there is more control of the process and it is far quicker. Offshore can be a very complex and much more time consuming process and we are happy to explore both options when the time is right.

What is the minimum production run per style for garment / clothing production manufacturing?

How many samples are required to be production ready?
In most cases there are 2 samples created. The first being the real test in the fabric and getting the fit right. The second sample is for manufacturing purposes and for photo shoots.

As a client do I need to source fabrics and accessories?
Yes. However, KJ Production House offers a fabric and accessories sourcing service for a fee. We do provide contacts if you wish to do it yourself and we naturally guide you along the way.

To start the conversation with KJ Production House, please contact Karen Jakab on 0404 015 780 or email

[email protected]

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