Clothing ManufacturingClothing Production and Manufacturing

Getting ready for the manufacturing of any sample is a nervous time for many. At KJ Production House, we try and make sure that you are at ease all the way to the end. We do this by commuicating with you the entire way through and inform you regularly.

Clothing Manufacturing and Production Service

Our clothing manufacturing and production service is one of our core businesses that we are experienced in.

We offer local as well as off-shore manufacturing of any of your garments. Either option or a combination of both of these methods can be discussed with us at any time. We want to educate and guide you on the pros and cons and more importantly help you in making the right decision that works best for your budget and timeline.

Using local garment manufacturers has its many advantages allowing more contact, face-to-face communications, reliability and quicker turnover in both manufacturing and quotations. We only use a selected group of manufacturers in Sydney who consistently deliver the highest fashion industry standards across their garment production. Karen Jakab has worked with these manufacturers for decades and believes in their ability to deliver, giving confidence that you will be receiving a superior product for your brand label and for the market.

Off shore manufacturing can be less personal, more time consuming, with somewhat less control due to geographical distance and is always slower in manufacturing and delivery lead times, particularly with shipping and custom clearance.

We take complete pride in managing this part of the process ensuring that you are delivered a product exceeding your expectations.

Quality Control QC

There is the final check before you receive your new fashion label. A random full size set of each style is measured, checked against the specifications and reported on.

We will not release any product that is not acceptable and not of fashion industry standard.

If you would like advice on manufacturing your garments, or to start a conversation and obtain a quotation for manufacturing your clothing label of any style, shape, design or type, please contact Karen Jakab on 0404 015 780 or email

[email protected]